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Candied peppers

DSC02746Discover all our varieties of peppers I realized based Caribbean Chillies & amp; Peppers Birds Small and Large Pot:

  • Peppers paste Reunion
  • Peppers paste & Combava
  • peppers, combava & Ginger
  • Candied peppers Caribbean

Christmas baskets Caribbean

panier de noel Créole Put your Christmas under the sign of originality, offering or sample some Caribbean flavors for your loved ones, your clients or yourself …

All products are manufactured artisalement

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Rhum ‘arrangé’ aux fruits (schrub, banana, wood caribbean, …) – 25 cl
Pepper confits – 5 cl
Banana or mango jam – 325 g

Jambon de Noël de Caraïbes

Jambon de Noel Gwadeloup

Christmas ham is a must for the festivities of New Year in the Caribbean.

Unique taste his cooking is done in a broth flavored with onion, garlic and a bouquet garni. Great as an aperitif with fire lil to enjoy with family and / or friends

Le Jambon de Noël est un plat à partager sans modération!